Kongu and Vezok face-to-face.


Welcome to my wiki. I'm Matoroavak2006. Let me show you a picture to start you with my wiki. So get this. I don't know how to make a wiki. I just thought that Bionicle shall have another chance. So, anyone is alowed to make a new page, and edit mistakes.


This wiki is about Lego Bionicle. It was an amazing theme! Then rumors popped up about them returning in 2013. It was false. Then Strong rumors that an "Action Theme" will start in 2015, and it may be BIONICLE!

NOTE: This is a very simplified wiki, so don't critisize on its simple form!

2015 Action Theme PollEdit

What are your thoughts on the new Bionicles?

The poll was created at 02:57 on August 4, 2014, and so far 1 people voted.

Tahnok and Tahnok Va.


The Toa Mata left to right. Onua, Lewa, Pohatu, Tahu, Kopaka, and Gali.

Latest activityEdit

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